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We see infinite possibilities.

For more than 150 years, Geneseo has been a dynamic force, encouraging students to turn their knowledge into action, and sparking positive change in imaginative, transformative ways.
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Learning. Creativity. Belonging. Civic engagement. Sustainability.

These are the core values we’re committed to as we create a more meaningful experience for our students. 

It’s our responsibility to ensure that our future generations not only persevere but prosper. With your support, we will elevate access to a Geneseo education, create experiences that prepare our students for a rewarding career, and demonstrate the impact our graduates make on the world.

Together, we can expand the possibilities and create opportunities for future generations.







The future starts with you.

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Opportunities Rising: Geneseo for Generations

Welcome to the “Opportunities Rising, Geneseo for Generations” campaign.

Since our founding over 150 years ago, Geneseo has been a catalyst for change, empowering students to apply knowledge with transformative impact on their communities and across the world.

Our commitment to excellence is seen in our dynamic teaching, research, and career preparation, underpinned by global awareness and a reverence for service to the greater community. Our Honors College experience is a testament to our innovative approach, merging traditional studies with hands-on activities. Guided by our stellar faculty, students from 76 degree programs confidently translate their classroom insights into real-world applications to bring about substantive change here and abroad.

As we cultivate the next wave of critical thinkers, our gaze is not just on the horizon but beyond. Our goal is to elevate, inspire, and craft opportunities for our students to open doors for future generations. It’s not just about moving forward; it’s about soaring higher. Together, let’s shape the success stories of tomorrow!


President Denise A. Battles & Campaign Chair Kevin Gavagan ’75

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Geneseo’s national reputation has been hard earned and is admired by our public and private peers. We’re a model of what a competitive academic program can be, built with a deep commitment to the growth of our students and the aim of preparing them for the complexities of the 21st century. As a premier public liberal arts college, Geneseo differentiates itself from other institutions by occupying a unique niche at the intersection of access and excellence.  

Through the Opportunities Rising: Geneseo for Generations campaign, we will have the funding to ensure that our college’s fully immersive honors experience continues to be a gateway for talented students to become tomorrow’s leaders. We are entering a rapidly changing and challenging period in global history. Our nation will gratefully welcome the critical thinkers and complex problem solvers each Geneseo class produces, individuals who will lead us through the next century. 

This campaign looks to the future with a sense of renewed hope. Our responsibility as the wider Geneseo community is to ensure that future generations persevere and prosper. The litany of Geneseo graduates who have become change makers proves vividly that every individual can make a difference if given the opportunity. 

With your support, we will be able to increase access to a Geneseo education and create even greater experiences that will prepare our students for a rewarding career and life. I think I can say without hesitation that we all take satisfaction in the impact our graduates make on the world. 

You understand well the value of the Geneseo experience and have seen the wonders our alumni perform on a daily basis in their towns, cities, and across the country. Geneseo is different; it sticks. My commitment to our mission has never been stronger. But we need your help, as so many of you have contributed your time, talent, and treasure. Together we can keep alive the promise of Geneseo for generations to come.

Denise A. Battles

More from Kevin Gavagan '75

It is a relatively easy decision for me to support Geneseo. The students are bright, hard-working, and well-rounded. As alumni, I strongly believe that we have an obligation to give back to our alma mater . Providing financial support to Geneseo is a gratifying and deserving destination for alumni charitable donations.

Geneseo students are exceptional. Through their college experience, they develop into insightful, intellectually curious adults , committed to doing good in the world. Many of us have roots and lifelong connections that run deep through Geneseo. I met my closest friends while a student on campus – including my wife Nancy ! My Geneseo experience helped develop the strong work ethic that has served me well professionally.

SUNY Geneseo rests on over 150 years of excellence in education. Our alumni are leaders in virtually every industry, and as such, are actively shaping our world. When I look at today’s remarkable and gifted Geneseo students, I feel deeply confident about our future.

Opportunities Rising: Geneseo for Generations is a call to action for each of us. We value the honors experience of Geneseo, and we can collectively step forward to demonstrate our appreciation for what Geneseo has accomplished for us – and the critical work ahead in providing that same foundation for current and future students .

I am honored to lead this critical undertaking. I hope you will join me.

Campaign Chair Kevin Gavagan ’75